Last two RallyCross Events of 2021 CANCELLED

Per today’s post from the Bluenose Autosport Club on Facebook the remaining two events of the 2020-2021 RallyCross season have unfortunately been cancelled due to tighter COVID restrictions for the remainder of March. Thanks two all who participated in this season and hopefully we can have more events this summer and a more normal RallyCross season this fall!

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February 7th RallyCross CANCELLED

Bad news, folks. Sounds like the warm weather and impressive rains of the last few days have left SMSS unusuable in anything less than a monster truck with bog tires. Next chance is February 21st! Lets hope for some snow and decent temperatures!

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November 29th and December 13th BAC RallyCross events CANCELLED

This weekend’s Bluenose Autosport Club RallyCross has been cancelled, as well as the next event, scheduled for December 13th. Unfortunately, with gathering limits what they are and the ask that non-essential travel be voluntarily restricted its just the right choice. Stay safe, everyone!

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Rally in the time of COVID

Wow, a year since I updated the website. You can guess the whys of it with the world being basically frozen or at least slowed by the Pandemic, Rally included. But, at least in our region, things are starting to feel like they’re coming back to normal!

After an abridged 2019-2020 season, the Bluenose Autosport Club’s RallyCross challenge returns on October 18th! You can get full details on their website, including full season schedule, here:

COVID health and safety measures will be in place but so far it sounds like it should be pretty much the same RallyCross you know and love!

Also in October BAC will be holding a TSD/Navigational Rally starting and ending in Windsor, NS on October 25th! Full details can be found here:

Remember there’s always active discussions (Both intelligent and not) on the RallyEast Facebook group, follow us there for all your up to date rally news!

See you in the dirt! (Hey, side benefit, masks will keep out the dust and keep our faces warm and toasty! #silverlinings)

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2019 Trout Lake* Rally is coming soon!

The 2019 Trout Lake Rally is coming up quick! This event will take place on October 5th and 6th but if you noticed the little asterix in the title there’s a bit of a twist. Due to road complications this years event will not be taking place on the traditional roads around Trout Lake in Middleton, NS. This year the event will be taking place in the usual rally stomping grounds of Kennetcook, NS near the Noel Shore. There will still be great rally action and perfect fall Nova Scotian roads to race, however!

Supplemental Regulations are available on the Bluenose Autosport Club site.

If you’re interested in volunteering to get the best seat for all the action check out the Facebook Event or email for details! No experience is necessary and you’ll get the best seat in the house for the action!

This is the final Performance Rally in the region for 2019 so don’t miss out!

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2019 Ledwidge Lookoff Rally Results and photos!

The 2019 Ledwidge Lookoff Rally took place this past weekend with 8 teams competing over two days in Dartmouth and Noel Nova Scotia.

Final results are available on with the overall top honors going to:

1st: Nick Matthew / Kelly Matthew – Open 4WD
2nd: Ben Hartling / Tim Dine – Open 4WD
3rd: Cal Vandaalen / Meg Grandmaison – Production 4WD

Check out some photography by Kevin Doubleday from Saturday Night’s first four stages at the Conrad Brother’s Quarry in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia!

The next Performance Rally event in the region is the Trout Lake Rally on October 5th and 6th! See you there! Rally rally rally!

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2019 Ledwidge Lookoff Rally Supp Regs Now Available!

Supplemental regulations for next month’s Ledwidge Lookoff Rally are now available on the official website! Volunteers are always needed and this year will feature multiple spectator locations both on August 10th in Dartmouth and August 11th in Noel! Come get close to real rally action!

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10 years of stage rally reborn in Atlantic Canada!

Holy crap, this one almost slipped past me. Mostly because I have the wrong date recorded on the Rally East webpage and I thought I’d missed it. Bad archivist!

Ten years ago we kick-started the life back into performance rally in Atlantic Canada. Up until that point there hadn’t been a stage run on our side of the country since 1992 and it was a pretty daunting task. Steve Quigley and Dana Nauss still had their car and had been travelling occasionally to Baie, NEFR and other events and IanDaphne and I had previously purchased a former nationally run Audi rally car that we had spent several years working the old-rally-car kinks out of in several seasons of rally cross and many cold evenings in my driveway in Bedford.

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Ron McKenzie and the Bluenose Autosport Club had the vision to organize events where there were absolutely none and did immense amounts of leg work arranging roads and figuring out all the ins and outs of organizing a rally event and 10 years ago today two cars (Driven collectively 5 times) started the roads of Renfrew for the first rally event seen in our area in 17 years. Lots of lessons were learned that day. For us the big one was ‘Puckboard is NOT a sufficient skidplate for a rally stage’. RIP Aluminium Audi Oil pan. Thankfully we had a spare and there was no other damage and the Audi still continues to run our stages to this day in the hands of Jim Theriault.

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These were humble beginnings and we’re still growing, but in the last 10 years I think we’ve all had some amazing times on both sides of the stages and I think we all owe everyone involved a round of applause. Rally takes an immense amount of effort and love and I for one am forever grateful to those who love the sport as much as I do for their time, dedication and passion.

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Here’s to another decade of great stages, great friends and great community!

Rally rally rally!

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2019 Bluenose TSD Rally, May 19th!

The 2019 edition of the BAC Blusenose TSD Rally will be held May 19th with registration opening at 11am at the Windsor Curling Club, 174 Gray Street in Windsor, NS. The route will consist of 174.91 km of roads, 27.6 km of which will be gravel. This event is suitable for teams of all experience levels and a novice school will be held at 12:30 for anyone new or interested in learning the ropes!

Grab a car and a friend with a pencil and come on out and give it a try!

Details and discussion can be found on the ARMS Forum here.

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January 25th, 2019 RallyCross CANCELLED

Unfortunately due to the unexpected warm weather the RallyCross scheduled for this Sunday at Atlantic Motorsport Park has been CANCELLED. The lot just won’t hold up to the abuse unless its well frozen. See everyone at the next event on February 10th!


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