RallyCross is an off-road AutoSlalom event generally conducted on loose surfaces like gravel. In the winter months the Bluenose Autosport, Moncton Motorsport and Fredericton Motorsport clubs put on a number of RallyCross events at vaious locations around Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

What do I need to participate?

A running car that’s street safe, tires, brakes, etc. You also need a Snell M2005 or better helmet. If you don’t have a helmet a loaner can be arranged with advance notice. Contact the organizers.

How do I know what class to run in?

RallyCross classes are very simple and mostly based on your vehicle’s drivetrain. AWD, FWD and RWD. Rally prepared cars, i.e. caged, gutted, etc. run in ‘Prepared’ class.

How many runs do I get?

There will be 4 timed runs per driver, times are added together for a total time which will be what your overall placement and points will be based on.

Can I share a vehicle?

Shared vehicles are encouraged and there are no limit to the number of drivers per car. Entry fees are per-driver.

Do you run in the rain/snow/mud/dirt/ice?

RallyCross is performed on whatever surface is on the ground. Bring adaquate footwear for all conditions.

I’ve never driven on loose surface before, can I still participate?

RallyCross is a very friendly environment, all manner of competitors participate from 16 year old first timers to experienced national rally competitors. All are welcome! RallyCross is a great way to learn how to drive on slippery/loose surfaces!

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