Performance Rally

Performance Rally in the Maritimes is comprised of two levels of event. RallySprint and Stage Rally events.

Rally Sprint

RallySprint is the next progression up the ladder of rallying from RallyCross but not quite a full-out Performance Stage Rally. Like RallyCross events, RallySprints are single-day events which take place over multiple runs which are scored cumulatively. Where RallyCross events take place in unpaved parking lots, fields and other contained, closed surfaces, RallySprint events take place on closed roads such as access or logging routes. Conducted very much like a performance rally, RallySprint events are tests of speed with the fastest car scoring the most points.

Because of the high speeds and higher risks involved in RallySprint events, vehicles must be prepared to the specification outlined in the Canadian Association of RallySport rule book. This safety equipment includes:

  • A multi-point full protective cage which meets national specifications
  • 5 or 6 point SFI or FIA approved harnesses (Expired harnesses are permitted in RallySprint if in good condition)
  • Snell SA 2010 or 2015 (Or FIA) rated helmets with Frontal Head Restraints (FHR) such as HANS Device.
  • Other safety equipment such as fire suppression (mounted extinguisher) FIA Rated Seats and first aid kit (Expired seats are permitted in RallySprint if in good condition)
  • Nomex clothing is recommended but not required

RallySprint events are conducted at lower speeds than Performance Stage Rally, with an 80km/h average speed enforced across stages. Stage length is also limited to under 5 kilometres. Because of the shorter stage lengths, navigators and pace notes are not required but are permitted and encouraged. Events are conducted either in ‘blind’ format, with teams being provided pre-prepared instructions without having seen the stage roads or a ‘recce’ format where teams are given the opportunity to drive the roads at slower speeds and prepare their own pace notes.

RallySprint events have not been previously held in the Maritime region but the Bluenose Autosport Club successfully ran their first event in July, 2009 and a full series championship was held in 2010. With stages, cars and competitors established in the region again we look forward to building on this success with additional RallySprint events and Stage Rally events!

Stage Rally

Stage Rally is the top tier of rallying in North America. Following the same format as Rally Sprint, stage rally events take things to the next level with stages longer than 3km and a maximum average stage speed of 120km/h. Because of this safety requirements are increased with FIA rated seats, SFI rated suits and Head and Neck Restraint systems required for all competing vehicles.

In the Maritimes the Bluenose Autosport Club holds a number of Stage Rally events each year. These events consist of ‘Single Road’ events, where one stage is used multiple times (in both directions) for the entirety of the stage and multiple stage events consisting of many roads connected by timed transits. The Marquee event for the Atlantic Region Motorsport rally series is the August Ledwidge Lookoff Rally. See its website for more information!

Additional Information and Documents

For more information, discussion and Supplemental Regulations, see the Atlantic Region Motorsports Rally Forum

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