A new year of Rally Excitement! Happy 2017!

2017 is here, which honestly sounds like we should be zooming around in flying cars or living in the Matrix, but whatever, lets go rallying instead!

The first rally event 0of 2017  in the Atlantic region was very special, even though it didn’t involve rally cars, helmets or even going sideways! Well… maybe some of the attendees got sideways afterwards, we don’t tell. The Canadian Association of RallySport held their 2016 Annual General Meeting in Halifax last weekend with hosting by the Bluenose Autosport Club, a first in many years for our region. Club and competitor representatives from all over Canada met for administrative meetings, discussions and voting at the Westin Hotel on Saturday before heading off to the surprisingly comfortable showroom of Steele Subaru for a fabulous down home Atlantic dinner before handing out Regional, National and International trophies. Record breaking National Champion Antoine L’Estage was on hand to accept his 9th Canadian Rally Championship.

The winter is no time to rest for the busy Atlantic Canadian Rallyist, however! The 2016-2017 Bluenose Autosport Club’s RallyCross series continues where it left off with the first event of the year this Sunday at Scotia Speed World! Conditions are sure to be challenging with snow, rain and cold making an appearance over the last several days. Come on out and live life sideways!

In Performance Rally News a new Stage event has been added to the 2017 Calendar. February 19th will see the region’s first winter stage rally event with a RallySprint at the Conrad Brother’s Quarry in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. RallySprint events are the next evolution of rally after RallyCross, requiring a caged and logbooked vehicle and personal safety equipment. For full details see the General Competition Rules on the CARS website.

But wait, don’t have a caged car to run the RallySprint? Well there just happens to be a rally car for sale right here in Nova Scotia! This 1992 Mitubishi Galant VR4 is nearly ready to run RallySprint events with very minimal updates. Just add a logbook, buy/borrow some safety gear and go rallying! There’s still time before February 19th!T he car is listed for $7000 and is currently located in Middleton, Nova Scotia. For details see the Facebook Post.
Remember that there’s activities for everyone, no matter your abilities or means in Atlantic Canadian Rallying!

Looking forward to another great season of sideways! Rally rally rally!

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