Unfortunately due to the weekend’s weather the BAC RallyCross event scheduled for February 17th has been postponed. The event or its runs will be made up at a later date.

The following is a statement from Organizer Dave Hull:

[important]Hi All,

I have decided to postpone the RallyCross for tomorrow, Feb 17th. Considering how soft the ground is around Truro, it will only be worse at AMP, along with all the rain we are supposed to have tonight and tomorrow I don’t want to tear up the back 40 making it impossible to have at least one more event on March 3rd. So for now it is postponed and we will try to start a little earlier on March 3rd and do 8 runs each, as in two events, or if that’s not possible and we don’t destroy the back 40 on the 3rd we will run on the 10th as the missed event.


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