2015 ARMS AGM Rally Workshop Saturday @ 1pm!

From Cindy McCarron, the ARMS Regional Navigational Rally Director:

The ARMS Rally Workshop is being held at the AGM Saturday November 21st from 1pm-4pm at the Quality Inn and Suites at 980 Parkland Drive. Anyone interested in Rally, belonging to an ARMS Club (BAC, ASCC, MMSC etc) is welcome to attend. Below is the Agenda.
Rally Discipline Workshop
21 November, 2015


1. Welcome/Attendance

2. Review/approve minutes of 2014 ARMS Rally Workshop

3. Review/approve the meeting minutes of the January 18th meeting regarding a change in Regional Rally Cross Rules.

4. Call for additional agenda items

5. ARMS Rally Directors’ Activity Report

6. CARS Regional Rally Director’s Activity Report

7. Review of 2015 competition year

TSD Rally
Performance Rally

8. Discussion about TSD organizers and club level events

9. Performance Rally Events

10. ARMS RallyCross Series

11. Competition Schedule for 2015

12. Nominations & Voting of ARMS Rally Performance Director

13. Other/New Business

14. Adjournment


Click here to go to the ARMS Discussion forum thread about the workshop for any questions or input.

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