Final RallyCross of the season! April 7th at Scotia Speed World!

Be sure and mark your calendars for the FINAL Rally Crossof the 2012-2013 season to be held on Sunday, April 7th at Scotia Speed World! If you’re interested in rally at all be sure to drop by as this is your last chance to come out before the fall! Spectators are even welcome to come along for ride-alongs using the loaner helmets available! Drop by and say hello! See the details at the link on the Event Calendar!

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March 3rd BAC RallyCross at AMP is now a DOUBLE EVENT!

Due to Event #6 being cancelled due to weather, the next event on March 3rd will be a double event. 8 runs will count as two events. The cost will remain as $20! The best rallycross deal of the season! Note that due to the extra runs, registration opens at 9am with drivers meeting at 10am.

For further details see the discussion thread on the ARMS Forum by clicking here.

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2013 ASCC Kennetcook Conundrum Rally CANCELLED

Unfortunately I just received a call from the event organizers for tomorrows ASCC Kennetcook Conundrum rally and due to road conditions observed in today’s final check there’s no choice but to cancel the event. Official word from the organizers will follow this evening.

We’re sorry for the unavoidable late notice of this unfortunate cancellation.

Official Statement from the organizers:

[important]Alright…. sew……… (join, fasten, repair.)

First let me apologize to those who had planned for the event, only to have it cancelled yet again. I assure you I’m high on the frustration level at the moment too.[/important]
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Unfortunately due to the weekend’s weather the BAC RallyCross event scheduled for February 17th has been postponed. The event or its runs will be made up at a later date.

The following is a statement from Organizer Dave Hull:

[important]Hi All,

I have decided to postpone the RallyCross for tomorrow, Feb 17th. Considering how soft the ground is around Truro, it will only be worse at AMP, along with all the rain we are supposed to have tonight and tomorrow I don’t want to tear up the back 40 making it impossible to have at least one more event on March 3rd. So for now it is postponed and we will try to start a little earlier on March 3rd and do 8 runs each, as in two events, or if that’s not possible and we don’t destroy the back 40 on the 3rd we will run on the 10th as the missed event.


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MMSC RallyCross #2 Rescheduled to Feb 17th

Per organizer Ming Duc-Wong:

[important]With the impending storm, we’ve decided to re-schedule the Rallycross event to February 17th. Apologies for conflicting with other events in the region. The event will be held at the Magic Mountain parking lot. Pre-registration form is here. The first event was lots of fun, so hope you can make it for this one![/important]

For further details see the discussion thread on the ARMS forum by clicking here.

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ASCC Kennetcook Conundrum Rally Postponed Again

Unfortunately due to severe inclement weather forecast for the event date, the ASCC Kennetcook Conundrum Rally must be postponed once again. The new date for this event is February 23rd. All other details remain the same.

Per the event lead organizer, Ian Pearce:

[important]Given the outlook for the weekend, and upon consulting our resident meteorologist, we have little choice but the prudent decision.

We put great effort into working on a date for people to plan, but there would be serious risk in trying to run the event this weekend. There might be a strong likely hood that checkpoint crews would not be able to make it to their locations.

It also would not be prudent to run an event under such conditions. We are all rally fans, but things change in a blizzard.

New date is 23 FEB 2013. All other details the same.

With regrets:

-The organizing team. [/important]

For any questions please see the discussion thread on the ARMS Forum by clicking here.

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1995 Subaru Impreza STI Rally Car For Sale

Local competitor Bruce Beveridge has placed his 1995 Subaru Impreza WRX STI Rally Car for sale. This well prepared open-class vehicle is turnkey ready to compete in all performance rally events in our region as well as CARS Regional and National events across the country! Find a friend, pick up some safety gear and come out and play!

Click here for more information on the car and to contact Bruce!

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2013 ARMS Navigational Rulebook Now Available!

The 2013 edition of the Atlantic Region Motor Sports Navigational Rally Rulebook is now available.

Click here to go to the ARMS site for a copy of these rules.

The 2012 rules have been carried over with only the minor change of renaming the ‘Experienced Unequipped’ class to simply ‘Experienced’, indicating teams competing in the Experienced class without adjustable odometer equipment.

Hope to see everyone at the 2013 ASCC Kennetcook Conundrum Navigational Rally this Saturday, February 9th!

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2013 CARS National Rule Book Now Available!

The 2013 Edition of the Canadian Association of Rallysport General Competition Rules are now available. These national rules cover Performance Rally, Rally Sprint and RallyCross events in the Atlantic Region.

Click here to download the 2013 CARS Rulebook.

Be sure to also check for rule amendments and updates in the CARS News and Bulletins section.

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2013 Kennetcook Conundrum Rally, Feb 9th!

Our first TSD Rally of the season, the ASCC Kennetcook Conundrum rally, which was postponed in January, will take place February 9th. All details are the same. Please see the Event Calendar for details!

This is the first TSD rally of the 2013 season and the first of three regional TSD rallies of the Atlantic Region Motor Sports championship! See you there!

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