AMP RallyCross Work Party, November 3rd!

Hey folks,

As you may or may not know, Dave Hull with the help of others at AMP do a LOT of work in the AMP Back 40 to make it passable for rallycross. I know some people have found it pretty rough in the past but Dave has spent many hours of his own time to make it smoother than ever including removing brush allowing the use of parts of the Back 40 we haven’t had access to in years!

The side effect of this work, however, is the churning up of a bunch of new loose Nova Scotia granite and other geological features that need to be cleaned out before we can send anyone out for some sideways fun! As you can imagine this particularly needs to be done before the ground freezes!

Dave estimates that a half dozen people can get the job done in just a couple of hours, so lets step up! We currently only have two lots for our RallyCross series, so lets make sure they’re both as usable as they can be so we can have lots of fun!

The first event of the season takes place November 10th at AMP and November 9th is the ASCC Kenetcook Confusion TSD rally, so how about we aim for the morning of Sunday, November 3rd? If we hit it early we can be done in plenty of time to enjoy our weekend and get everything ready for the fun the weekend after!

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Performance Rally Updates!

The 2013 Bluenose Autosport Club Performance Rally season has drawn to a close with Sunday’s Trout Lake Rally which took place on all new stages in Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia! 6 teams competed from as far away as Maine on these challenging, twisty roads with Jonathan Conrad and Clarke Paynter once again taking the overall victory in their 2002 Subaru WRX. Robert Sockalexis and Nathan Sockalexis traveled all the way from Maine for this event with both trying new challenges. While Robert is an experienced Rally America Co-Driver, formerly of the Double Plus Rally, this was his first driving event and the first rally ever for his brother Nathan! They took home a comfortable second place at the end of the day and an unfortunate To-Do list after pushing hard through the Flying Finish on the final stage resulting in some damage to their 2000 Subaru Impreza. We hope to see them again in 2014!

We thank all the Organizers, Volunteers and Competitors for all their tireless work to keep our sport going and growing in 2013! We’re already looking forward to the stages of 2014!

Results of all the Performance Rally events from this year can be found on the Performance Rally Results Page.

Photos by Harold Merklinger from all three events of 2013 can be found on the Bluenose Autosport Site.

Remember, this is the end of Performance Rally for 2013, but not the end of rally! The Kennetcook Conundrum TSD Rally is November 9th and the 2013-2014 RallyCross season kicks off the next day! There’s rallying for everyone’s interest and budget!

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ASCC Kennetcook Conundrum Regional TSD Rally, November 9th!

Supplementary Regulations for the Kennetcook Conundrum Rally.
Saturday, November 09, 2013, Hants County, Nova Scotia


The event will be held under the general competition regulations of the Canadian Association of Rally Sport (CARS) and the Regulations of Atlantic Region Motor Sports Inc. (ARMS). These publications are available from the regional rally director, Gordon Sleigh, 240 Lakeview Ave, Middle Sackville, B4E 3B6. gord@spoon.organd will be available at the start.

Status: This is the second event in the ARMS/CARS 2013 Navigational Rally Championship.

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2013/2014 BAC RallyCross Challenge!


Interested in getting a taste of rally driving?

Perhaps you’re an AutoSlalom junkie looking for a cone-dodging fix during the long winter months? Or maybe just interested in some hands on driving experience in slippery, less than ideal conditions, to better prepare you for our soon to be slippery winter streets? Then participating in a BAC RallyCross event would be just right for you!

RallyCross is an off-road AutoSlalom event. A number of times between November and March we will haul out the cones and timing equipment at the Scotia Speed World spectator parking lot and or the AMP (back 40 as it known locally) parking lot to rip it up against the clock in the mud, snow, gravel and what ever mother nature throws at us. Whether you have a Stunning STI or a Rusted-out Rabbit, come out to an event and give it a try!

We are pleased to announce that the BAC RallyCross Challenge will be held again this year. We are hoping to continue on the fun and success of the last few years.

Event Dates

November 10, 2013 – Atlantic Motorsport Park, NS
November 24, 2013 – Scotia Speed World, NS
December 08, 2013 – Scotia Speed World, NS
January 05, 2014 – Atlantic Motorsport Park, NS
January 19, 2014 – Scotia Speed World, NS
February 02, 2014 – Atlantic Motorsport Park, NS
February 16, 2014 – Scotia Speed World, NS
March 02, 2014 – Atlantic Motorsport Park, NS
March 16, 2014 – Scotia Speed World, NS
March 30, 2014 – Scotia Speed World, NS

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2013 BAC Rally Event #3 – Trout Lake Rally, New Roads!

The third and final event of the 2013 Bluenose Autosport Performance Rally Series is set to take place on October 20th on the all new roads of Annapolis County, NS! These all new roads will challenge cars and drivers both new and old in exciting rally action!

Full details and Supplementary Regulations can be found on the Atlantic Region Motor Sports forum thread here.

Volunteers are always welcome and get the best seat in the house for the event!

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The 2013 Ledwidge Lookoff Rally is almost here!

We’re 18 days away from the 2013 Ledwidge Lookoff Rally and preparation is well underway for an amazing event!


Spectator information has now been posted in the ‘Spectators’ section at! New for 2013 are Spectator friendly events on Saturday, August 24th starting with a ‘Parc Expose’ car display which will take place in Dartmouth Crossing at the Intersection of Countryview Drive and McClure Close. Following this display the cars will move to the nearby Conrad Bros Ltd Quarry at 5pm for two back to back spectator stages! Watch all the cars rally the first stages of the 2013 Ledwidge Lookoff Rally all from one comfortable vantage point!

On Sunday, August 25th the event moves to Tennycape on the Noel Shore where the cars will battle it out on the stages of the Ledwidge Lumber property!


The best way to see all the excitement is to volunteer! You’ll help us make sure the event goes off without a hitch and in return get the best seat in the house for Sunday’s (August 25th) stages! No experience is required and we can use all the help we can get! Rally is a very volunteer heavy sport and all are welcome! All volunteers will receive a free commemorative T-Shirt and be entered in a raffle for additional prizes! C’mon out for the show!

If you want to help out and take in a great show, please have a look at the ‘Workers’ section of the Ledwidge Lookoff Rally page at!

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Photos from 2013 BAC Rally #1

As always, Harold Merklinger’s wonderful event photos from Sunday’s Ledwidge Loop Rallysprint are now available! Take a look!

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2013 Event #1 Results!

Results of the Ledwidge Loop RallySprint, the first event of the 2013 Bluenose Autosport Club series are now posted in the Performance Rally Results Section!

On July 21st eight teams battled on the roads of Tennecape, Nova Scotia across eightteen kilometres of highly technical back roads! When the dust settled Jonathan Conrad and Clarke Paynter took home the Production 4WD honors while James Whittman and Daphne Sleigh raised the Production 2WD honors.

The next event of the 2013 Series is the marquee event of the August 24/25th Ledwidge Lookoff Rally! Check out for details on Car Displays, Spectator stages and the big event itself! Hope to see you there!

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Rally East Decals now available!

Thanks to the quick turnaround by StickerMule, Rally East decals are now available! $2 per decal or 3 for $5!

Click the brand new ‘Store‘ link above to order online or find me at any ARMS Rally Event! Stay tuned for more decals and Rally East products!


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Rally East decals

Rally East decals will soon be available! Measuring at 3″x4.5″ these high quality indoor/outdoor vinyl decals work equally well vertically and horizontally. They will be available later in July for $2 each. stay tuned for info on how to get yours!


Thanks again to Tara Andrews for the kickass logo work! Check her out at for any graphic design needs you may have!

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